Arrival/Dismissal Policy


Arrival Time: Doors open at 7:25 AM (students need to report to their homeroom/first period class no later than 7:55 AM)

Dismissal Time: 2:55 PM

Greenbrier Middle School

2450 Highway 41 S

Greenbrier, TN 37073

Phone: (615)643-7823 
Fax: (615) 643-4580

Kathy Carroll, Principal
Scott Woodall, Assistant Principal

August 10
, 2020

RE: School drop off and dismissal 

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Bus Riders, Car Riders, and Walkers
The buses enter from the main highway and pull in the front parking lot. This is where students are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. Our special needs friends are also dropped off and picked up in front of the school. Please refrain from blocking these parents and/or the buses. This year, all bus riders will enter the front of the school building. They can pick up their breakfast in front of the Nurses’s office and go to their homeroom to eat their breakfast.

Car Riders come down Parker Avenue and enter in the back gate behind the school. As you pass the football field and go through the gate, three lanes are formed depending on which way you will need to turn onto the main highway after dropping off your child off.

You will pull up to the area between the school and the baseball/softball field. We have several adults that will be stationed in the car rider line. This is a difficult job, so please be nice. You will be directed to pull up to where Mr. Weaver is stationed. Once everyone has pulled up, he will signal for students to exit their cars. This year, students will have to wait to have their temperatures taken. Any student exiting a vehicle with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, will be put back in their car. After the group of cars have been cleared, Mr. Weaver will signal for you to exit the parking lot. The crossing guard will stop vehicles for you to either turn left or turn right. The middle lane can turn both ways.

If your child walks home from school, we will ask them to exit out of the front entrance and they must stay on the sidewalks. They may only cross the main highway where a crossing guard is present. The same rules apply to students who ride their bike to school.

Please be mindful that this will take a day or two to get everyone understanding the flow of traffic. Again, student safety is our main concern and we hope to alleviate traffic congestion on the main highway. If you have questions please call the school at 643-7823.

Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this matter. We also thank you for the opportunity to work with your amazing children each day!


Kathy Carroll, Principal
Scott Woodall, Assistant Principal

Greenbrier Middle School

  • 2450 Hwy 41 S, Greenbrier, TN 37073
  • 615 643 7823
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